3 Traits of a Bad Online Fashion Store

Don't cha hate it when you get tricked by an online store?  This report has some really disturbing pictures of victims of fashion scams.  Needless to say, this is the very reason I started my shop;  I wanted a safe and reliable shop for my friends to enjoy, at reasonable prices.  I don't expect everyone to buy from here, but I sure hope you can spot a bad store when you see one.  Here are 3 Traits of a Bad Online Fashion Store:

  1. Cheap, massive discounts, free shipping no minimum (they can afford it because the clothes are straight from a sweat factory, costing $5 a piece and they ship directly from China)
  2. Massive variety of clothes to choose from, yet the models are all different, or no models at all (it means they just have stock pictures of the clothes, not the actual clothes)
  3. Does not pass the "google for reviews test"


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